Barkha Patel is a promising dancer whose passion and inherent talent for the art form has been evident from a very young age. Heralded as one of the finest up-and-coming dancers, Barkha’s forte and training is in Kathak dance, a unique form classified among the eight classical dances of India and the only one originating from the northern part of the country. Barkha’s dancing style blends grace and strength with a deep and genuine love for movement and performance that is rarely seen in any dancer, particularly one of her youthful age. Barkha’s conviction and emotion arrest her audience and witnessing her performance is a truly unmatched experience.

Barkha has been learning Kathak since she was ten years old and her energy, joy and skill were apparent even as a little girl. She began formally training when she came under the wing of Guru Rachna Sarang and her Kathak school, the Rachna Sarang Academy of Performing Arts (RSAPA), at the age of ten. Barkha’s talents and interests are  wide-ranging and she completed a Bachelor’s in Finance at Boston University in 2011. Barkha attributes

her successes to both her loving and supportive family as well as her Guru, who she credits as her source of inspiration and courage.

In her years with SAPA, Barkha has dazzled the stage at prestigious New York City venues alongside and in tribute to virtuosos such as world-renowned singer Padmashri Hariharan, former Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpaynee and Pandit Jasraj. Barkha’s dance style evolves from the forward-thinking and inventive choreography of her Guru, who has been known to build upon a solid foundation in Kathak with modern styles of dance and influences from all corners of the globe. The brand of Kathak forged by Guru Rachna Sarang and expertly executed by Barkha combines quick and technically complex sequences inspired by Barkha’s astounding physical capacity with intricate choreography and profound emotional passages, heart-wrenchingly reflected on Barkha’s expressive visage.

Barkha currently teaches classes and trains young dancers in Kathak at her Guru’s academy in New York. Concurrently, to appreciate and understand nuances of other dance forms, Barkha is studying Bharatanatyam under the guidance of Guru Deepak Mazumdar. Along with Bharatanatyam, Barkha is enhancing her knowledge in music and training in Hindustani classical vocal under Guru Rattan Mohan Sharma of the Mewati Gharana. Barkha is also studying to obtain a Masters in Fine Arts (concentrating in Kathak) from the Kavikulguru Kalidas Sanskrit  University (Ramtek, Nagpur).

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