New York Times



"The northern form Kathak depends more than any other on live interplay with music, and yet on Thursday, the brilliant virtuosity and bewitching charm of Barkha Patel helped us forget that tape must be second best... Eyes, lips, cheeks, eyebrows, jaw all played their part; others present joined me in wishing that half of New York’s ballet dancers would study with them...

In Ms. Patel’s case, the changing composure of her features made a wonderful contrast to the rapidity and skill of her turns and footwork. In her final number, she made a superlative impression, after a series of fast turns to the left, by making another series to the right, and thereafter alternating — and then suddenly she’d stop, and you’d hang on nothing but her face. The turn of her head over a shoulder, the opening of her eyes, the proud calm of her smile: ravishing. " - Alastair Macaulay

"Barkha danced solo in the first of two sections in Embrace of Passion, as she captivated her audience with her musicality, grace, and poise. She effortlessly breezed and stomped through the space, as if the stage were a tamed lion." - Kristen Hedberg