2018 Int’l Human Rights Arts Festival - performance captures by Linday Paray

2018 Int’l Human Rights Arts Festival - performance captures by Linday Paray

Mukta is a dance production depicting the internal journey of a nayika, a woman in modernity, negotiating and challenging traditions and normative gendered roles of patriarchal structures. The performance resurrects a celebrated ideal of Hinduism, the woman or the Nayika as the Goddess, who holds the keys to her powers to rise above all else.

Mukta is a fresh take on the Indian Classical dance form of Kathak, finding the balance between tradition and modernity through choreography and music.


Form: Indian Classical and Contemporary Kathak Dance

Length of production: 60-70 minutes (recorded music)

Performers: 7

Premiere: Fall 2019

Looking for: Development opportunities, commissioning and presenting partners 

Community Outreach/Social Goals: The Mukta Collective

Every person has a depth to themselves that life eventually uncovers. When we reach this point we begin to align our deepest truth and our highest potential. Often times, we or the communities we live in can hold us back from reaching this point of alignment. Yet, oftentimes, when a group of people gather and discuss their own stories, they begin to realize we are not separate from each other. Through this collective, we will come together with like mind and heart in the hope that through group participation in a larger community we will be inspired, empowered and supported by one another … emotionally.

Thus far, I have met twice with a cohort of eight women. I was recently selected into a training program with Institute of Community Action Training at Gibney Dance which will help me develop the Mukta Collective into a long term and more beneficial community program. I am also working to create a model that I can bring to different communities where my production is being presented.

International Human Rights Arts Festival, NYC November 2018